Ruslan Aksenov

Virgin flowers




 1. Hope of harmony

Cramped into the framework of hope finds strength for harmony and love. It comes back, everything is cyclical, you are love.

2. Breath of love

Love needs to breathe, it trusts its inner self, it is free, beautiful and wise. This is her strength. The energy finds a way out and pulsates giving life.

3. Saving love

A flower sinking in a fragile bottle, an allegory of the preservation of love and tolerance.

What is this project about?

“Flowers and only”: a group exhibition of works by contemporary artists, united by the theme of love for flowers, opens in the Floriculture pavilion of the State Budgetary Institution “Mospriroda”, we are preparing an NFT project, with projections on 3 monitors, release soon, stay tuned.