Aksenov Ruslan

REEL 2020

A portrait of my commercial and creative work in recent years. I experimented for a long time with the plasticity and form of showrill presentation, until I chose for myself two successful musical compositions that fully convey the atmosphere and form of the visual. It took many hours to find the shape and edit this project, but overall I am satisfied.

I am grateful to work with everyone on these projects. it was an incredible experience and journey. Search for the plastics of the image and the form of narration.

When it comes to commercial work, every time I try to bring a touch of creative melancholy and poetry to them. Sensuality and emotions from what you see.


This is probably why I continue to work and find new facets of my work. The main thing is that it evokes emotions and awakens feelings, high feelings pushing us to create.

I am afraid that I will not have enough words to convey the feelings that I feel after the work done. And part of the editing for me generally remains a magical process. I want to thank everyone who helped me and contributed to my development.