Ruslan Aksenov

Klimt - kiss




We have prepared a series of 200 pieces of jewelry with patterns based on paintings by Gustav Klimt, made by a neural network.

The symbolic codes of the masterpiece, combined with AI codes, provide a unique symbiosis of artistic and digital. Our medallions become one of the symbols of the project.

The biographical line and one of the theories of the paintings became the connecting idea of the series of tokens: the father-jeweler, in whose workshop Klimt first got acquainted with metal, and one of the legends of The Kiss about the count, who gave the artist a medallion with the image of his beloved. Working with the medallion, Gustav fell in love with the girl, and the unfinished kiss became like a small revenge due to feelings of jealousy for the count.

Through medallions, we also strive to make their owner fall in love with the work of a genius and draw the attention of those who are not indifferent to CharityKiss.

In the «Kiss», referring to the «Golden» period of the artist’s work, noble metals are used: gold, silver and platinum. It is gold that plays one of the main roles of the canvas and is chosen as the main material of our collection.

Life is priceless and no gold or piece of jewelry can match its value, but it can make a huge difference in supporting and improving the lives of people with rare diseases!