Ruslan Aksenov

Google - Beyond The Capitals

This video, created on the basis of the material which was not included in «Google. Beyond The Capitals», is an absolutely non-commercial art project of the director and has nothing to do with advertising.

Hype Production 2017
Directed by Oleg Trofim & Ruslan Aksenov
Director of Photography — Andrey Krauzov
Producer — Olga Mitina
Production Management — Dmitry Dimchevsky
Stage Sound — Jan Ierjan Jan
Copter Camera — Igor Volkov (WooCopters), Anna Tarasova, Sergey Fedkevich
Best Driver Ever — Stepan Stepan
Colourist — Artem Leonov
Sound Design & Final mix — Daruma Audio —
Post-Production Assistant — Jane Fadeeva
Title Design — Alexander Gorin (CLAN)
Bro Support — Yuriy Karih

Thanks for the wonderful Music:

ö — 715 – CRΣΣKS ( Ö Cover )freedl
ADR — Open Invitation (PAN 77)
Sampha — Under
KENZO — Music is my Mistress
Dean Shostak — The Bellman’s Carol On Cristal Baschet
Fuzz — Earthen Gate