Aksenov Ruslan

#Followmeto x JAPAN​

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The concept of this project is divided into two eras, historical Japan and Japan of the future. In each of the eras, we have added graphic elements that reveal the mood and immerse the viewer’s attention. The knives studio was responsible for the graphic part, which made cool concepts from the brief and very harmoniously imported them into the project.

The drawn part was done by Pranda studio, visualization of the form and plasticity of the image required detailed elaboration and time, since the animation itself had a very mythological texture.

Studio Knife in collaboration with Hype Production presents you a visual story about two utterly different dimensions based on rich and authentic heritage of traditional Japan and its inspiring yet conceivable future. We’ve created 3D graphics and composed it with film to fulfill the idea of showing contrast created by years of changes and its impact on our perception of shifting nature of live.   


Director: Ruslan Aksenov

Executive producer: Murad Osmann, Arseniy Zyabbarov

Post-production producer: Pavel Gretsky

3D graphics and post production by Knife Studio 

Producers: Kirill Kozin, Arhtur Zhartovsky

Art-Director: Daniil Levchenko

3D Designers: Egor Lebedev, Daniil Levchenko, Evgeniy Malyshev, Daniil Vnukovskiy, Nikita Baranov. 2D graphics and post production by Prand.tv  Daniil Svetlov Diana Prota Nade Minakova Vasya Akimov Andrey Nesterov Color: Nikolay Vavilov Music: Ivan Maslov Sound design: Vladimir Elizarov Voiceover recordist: Margarita Basenko Cleanup: Dmitry Tallinn, Denis Poteryayev Rotoscope: Vladislav Seryakov English narration written by: Nadia Ogneva