Ruslan Aksenov

Documental x JOY

A documentary about the history of surfboards and surfer Joy..
«My first board was red fish 6’2 ft. I thought it was ideal until I tried using it. After being in the water for 5 minutes my board gained 10 extra kgs , joints were not airtight and it absorbed the water like a sponge. After that I started studying and developing my skills of a shaper.»

We reveal the history of surfing through the prism of a hero.


Directed, Camera: Ruslan Aksenov
Edited: Ruslan Aksenov, Konstantin Kuchin
Sound: Ilya Mosenko
Color: Konstantin Kuchin
Starring: Joy Soler Hidalgo, Wave/Joy’s dog, Ruzanna A.
Voice: Derek Hansen