Ruslan Aksenov



Today I explore emotional storytelling from a unique cultural or subcultural perspective, working on projects that explore the human condition, emotions, and atmosphere around them. I’m looking for textural and experimental work, looking for new ways to explore visual storytelling, and striving to blur the lines between feature and documentary filmmaking. My nature is constantly in search of a new visual form that will bring something new, fresh and extraordinary to the art of advertising and not only.

I try to do something new / unique with every project, so I can always keep learning.
In my short films, I focus on philosophical themes, showing my perception of the world through vivid imagery, associations, editing techniques, and vibrant sound.

I also work with brands such as Google, Reebok, BMW, Adidas, Huawei, Samsung, TSUM, etc., pushing the commercial genre beyond the usual.

In a constant search for form and rhythm, I experiment with the plasticity of the image, its texture and dynamics. I am more of a visual director trying to convey my emotions through visual effects. Of course, my work is based on the music, the mood and the emotions that it conveys. This is a very subtle and sensual moment that I want to convey through a visual image. I work out in detail the musical and sound component of each project, since what feelings and emotions the viewer will have when watching a video directly depends on it.


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