Aksenov Ruslan


Nowdays I explore emotional narratives from a unique cultural or subcultural perspective, working on projects that investigate human state. I am looking for textural & experimental work, searching for new ways of exploring visual storytelling, and seeking to blur the boarders between feature and documentary film-making.

I am trying to do something new/unique with each project that’s how I can always keep to studying.

I am in constant search of forms and rhythm, experiments with the plasticity of the image, its texture and dynamics. I am more of a visual director who tries to convey my emotions with the help of visuals. Of course, my work is based on music, mood and emotions that it conveys. This is a very subtle and sensual moment that I want to convey through the visual series.

I really like the aesthetics of the 20s, mixed with Polynesian texture and cyber punk plasticity. I am still looking for the very shape that I will be delighted with. It is an endless path and it is very amazing and beautiful.